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It’s time for a completely different approach to FITNESS.

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  • 8 weeks of CONVENIENT workouts that treat you like the athlete you are. Kettlebell, bands, and a medball are all you need! 

  • Nutrition guidance that fits into your life, with easy recipes to get you started!

  • A not-so-secret ingredient to keep you excited, motivated, and accountable!

Have you tried (and felt like a failure) at more fitness “regimens” than you can count?


Have you felt that if you just did what you were supposed to do, that something would change?


Or maybe you’ve simply been bored, disengaged, or half-interested in programs meant to get you - fill in the buzzword - “strong?” “lean?” “fit?


We’re here to tell you: there’s nothing wrong with you. 


Repeat: There’s. Nothing. Wrong. With. You.

Good news: whatever you WANT TO BE; whatever you’re TRYING TO BEyou already are.


If you’re a mom, you’re an athlete already. And you should feel EMPOWERED to TRAIN LIKE ONE.


Seriously: everything you do as a parent demands athleticism.


Training like the athlete you are is the only way you’ll be inspired, excited, and motivated enough to make it a consistent, life-changing, life-long commitment. 


That’s a FACT.

"Lifting, chasing, birthing, caring for small humans - everything we do as moms demands athleticism. 

We deserve to be treated like the athletes we are."

-Liz Wolfe, co-founder of Athletic Mom

Athletic Mom brings you our signature EAT - PLAY - MOVE framework that gets you feeling


✔️ strong, 

✔️ capable, 

✔️ confident,

✔️ flexible, 

✔️ aligned, 

✔️ mobile, 

✔️ agile,



…and just plain GOOD for the long haul.


And, as a mom, there’s nothing more important than that.


Build muscle, support metabolism, and balance hunger with our EASY 3-part plan.


Having fun again - just for you - is required. We get you prepped to play - injury and stress-free.


The cornerstone of our program. Train like an athlete, and feel like a badass.
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How you EAT matters. But it shouldn’t consume your life.


We’ve tried our share of meal plans and programs that drain the joy right out of eating.


We’ve also seen the backsliding and “falling off the wagon” that makes you feel like you need ANOTHER strict plan to fix the failures from the first.


Short-term, drastic changes simply don’t work to cultivate lifelong habits, and worse - they often leave your metabolism worse than it started. 


Basic, intuitive principles that work with your life are the key to feeling good and achieving your goals. 


And, in this case, those “goals” are a lifetime of health and wellness for the whole family. 


Ditch the destined-to-frustrate regimens and actually live your life with our three-part plan.


PLAY takes fitness to a new level.


Yes, exercise and nutrition are important. But what if play was actually the key to long-term change? 


Play - even as grown-ups - opens doors that we never thought possible. 

This is why we believe a very specific type of PLAY is non-negotiable - and why we give you the tools to get started.

Training like an athlete means building strength, agility, and confidence


There are plenty of fitness programs out there making all kinds of claims.


Most of them miss what really matters:


  1. You’re an athlete, and you need to be training like one!

    When you train like an athlete, you’re focused on what you can do. You move like an athlete. You’re ready for anything life throws your way.

    You build dynamic strength, flexibility, mobility, and speed, 
    all of which transform your body exactly as it needs to be transformed.

    And on that note:

  2. What matters more than how you look is how you feel.

    Hard facts: six-pack abs don’t enable you to coach soccer without twisting a knee.

    Dropping “baby weight” doesn’t make you fast enough to chase down a rogue toddler.

    Getting “lean” doesn’t add years of joy to your life.

    What matters in life is how you feel. When you feel good - capable and strong - you’ll be confident in your body. 


These are the foundations that any smart training regimen is built upon. 


Are you ready for this completely different approach to fitness?

Count me in!

IMPORTANT: We don’t want to change you - we want to harness the best of what you already are. 

We want to help you feel good in your body, and feel confident in what your body can do.


How do we make that happen?


For 8 weeks of this kind of 1:1 training, you'd pay over $2,000.


Let's do this!



We’re a small team of three parents who are absolutely committed to helping moms everywhere feel strong, confident, and capable.

Liz Wolfe

A mom, bestselling author, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, founder of, and the first test case for the Athletic Mom Program.

Britni Briney

A mom, nutritionist, pilates instructor, former collegiate athlete, and cofounder of Evexia Performance & Wellness with her husband Nick.

Nick Briney

A dad, husband to Britni, longtime fitness professional, former collegiate athlete, trainer to Liz, and cofounder of Evexia Performance & Wellness.


We are obsessed with bringing you a NEW way to think about training.


There are no rigid requirements, strict pass/fail rules, or stealth suggestions that if your body was just different, you’d feel better about yourself.




This is about who you ALREADY ARE - and revealing the confidence, athleticism, and strength that’s already there.

Own your athleticism, build your confidence, and feel like the badass you are.


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