Pregnancy fitness doesn't have to be a drag.

Stay strong, confident, and capable - for pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

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Exercise is vital during pregnancy,
but knowing exactly what to do can be majorly overwhelming.


We designed 3 multi-purpose, full-body workouts
to keep you healthy, stable, and strong -
with minimal time and equipment.


No gym required.


3 Full-Body Workouts 

Each super-efficient workout is designed to address ALL your needs, from strength to endurance and beyond. 

10-Minute Daily Mobility 

Stay mobile throughout pregnancy to cut down on aches and pains.
(If you do nothing else, do your 10 minute mobility!)

Guidance by Trimester

Things change fast. Know how and when to modify, where to turn your attention, and why. 

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Meet Your Coach

Britni Briney

I'm a mom, nutritionist, pilates instructor, former collegiate athlete, and cofounder of Evexia Performance & Wellness with my husband, Nick. I'm passionate about supporting your journey to good health throughout pregnancy - and beyond!

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